SAP Application, MAS90, MAS200, MAS500 interface from Qualedi, Inc.
Qualedi's system integration solutions (mapping) enables a consistent and reliable flow of business information between your external trading partners and your internal native SAP iDOC, MAS Products and virtually any host application that can export and import data. One point of entry saves time and money.

File Interface
Qualedi Software Mapping is based on specific file format of the internal or host application and trading partner specifications. Essentially, any file format can be mapped to trading partner's implementation guide (X12, UNEDIFACT standards).

Reduce Your Costs
Are you paying for manual processing?
Get the exact functionality you require for less money.
The Qualedi system integration solution is deployed professionally and efficiently, eliminating the technical complexities and higher costs normally associated with traditional data flow strategies.

Get Higher Performance
With Qualedi you will automate the process of sharing data, eliminate manual data entry procedures and reduce costs. Your company will enjoy the benefits of smooth, continuous processing with guaranteed message delivery to support your business operations 24/7.

You can depend on Qualedi’s integration service to work for you behind the scenes to automatically and consistently translate and exchange documents for your business.

Increase Your Flexibility
Qualedi's translation software supports all EDI formats including UN/EDIFACT and ASC X12, as well as new and evolving standards from the Energy, Automotive, Retail, Transportation and Healthcare industries.

Increase Productivity Growth
Your company is anything but standard, so why limit it by depending on standard manual processes when programmable logic enables you to achieve superior results. Explore the possibilities with Qualedi Software and Solutions.

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